Last Time Official Album is Released!

Something like twelve albums later, with hundreds of tracks in between, some released, some not, along comes “Last Time.” What started out with an intention of just making a couple singles turned into a train that ran away until it had covered the ground….it apparently needed to cover.

Last Time is the title of the first track on the album. Originally I was gonna call the album “Window of Love.” Which can mean a lot of things. But I woke up one morning and thought, no….I’m gonna do something I haven’t done in a long time and name it after my favorite track on the album, Last Time.

Last time is wishful thinking. Last time is resolve. Last time is hopefulness in a hopeless situation. Last time is not looking back. Last time is recognizing a f****d up behavioral pattern and deciding to change it. Last time is sad, but sooooooooo very glad at the same time.

Last time…I’ll ever think about……you

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