Latest Release-Country Song Ain’t Easy

My latest little ditty. Not meant to be rude, just my social observation of the lyrical content of current country songs. Kinda lucky video shoot right around the corner from my house in Nashville. Suits the song, which is a glimpse of old school country.


Last Time Official Video

Last time is wishful thinking. Last time is resolve. Last time is hopefulness in a hopeless situation. Last time is not looking back. Last time is recognizing a f****d up behavioral pattern and deciding to change it. Last time is sad, but sooooooooo very glad at the same time.

Last time…I’ll ever think about……you

Fastest Heartbreaker-Official Video
This one has a bit of an “outlaw country” vibe to it, and I was very excited to make it vibey and low key.

Out of the Rain-Official Video 

I wrote this song in 2001, but it could have been written yesterday.

It’s about my belief that we have become too ‘successful’ as humans and we have no common sense.

It seems like we haven’t really changed much since we started walking upright. We have too much power as a species. Our culture has always prioritized taking over the world, instead of taking care of each other and our home.

This video reflects that view.