I dig helping singers solve problems of all shapes and sizes and develop into a wonderful force of nature. You’re the Super Hero. I’m the Mad Scientist that can help you discover your super powers.

Raising the bar on professionalism, without compromising the originality of the singer.

I understand the psychological aspect of “everyone can sing” approach to vocal training. Unfortunately, without also having a firm grasp on vocal mechanics, this approach develops a lot of singers that have raised confidence and vocal delivery but are lacking musicality and listenability.

And conversely, a lot of contemporary vocal approaches sound so much like technique, that they may as well be considered a style in and of themselves, and quite often lack any substance or originality.

Most contemporary voice teachers teach very limited “contemporary” voice techniques that are focused on the sound of “today.” They’re convinced that if you don’t sound like the current radio trend, you’ll never succeed in the music biz.

I’ve heard fantastic claims like “if you want to get a record deal, you have to master mix voice.” Mastering mix voice is great, but unless you learn to use it in a unique way, it means very little more than a technical skill.

Don’t let limiting beliefs limit your growth. Allow your own tastes and desire guide your path. Anyone that truly succeeds in the music biz is a unique and original act. I’m aware there are opinions that contradict that theory in the current climate of the music biz. But making it on American Idol or any other number of the current “talent” shows that exist is not necessarily “making it” in the music biz.

Don’t get me wrong, I applaud you for any victory in the incredibly competitive world of music, but this alone does not garner a lasting following of true believers that truly original artists generate.

To do this you’ll need to explore your voice and your music in a way of discovering your unique gifts and bring those to the table with a sense of purpose and dare I say “belief in something.” Simply being a replica of the current trends may be ok in the short run for a talent show, but it won’t turn you into a sustaining “artist.”

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