Recording with me at Snacky Time Studios

Experience a unique recording space with great sounding rooms, amazing gear and a producer/engineer/musician with over 30 years of music experience.

Snacky Time Studios is a mighty , boutique recording studio located in East Nashville TN. The studio was formally located in the Flat Iron district of Manhattan NYC (23rd & Park).

The new Space has been built with carefully chosen materials during construction for most optimum sound proofing and sonic properties. Not only are the rooms nice and roomy, but “Silent” air conditioning and natural light (through a soundproof window in the control room), make this space comfortable and inspiring to work in. The tracking room is 3500 cubic feet space with 10 foot ceilings and an angled wall between the control room. The control room is a very controlled 2500 cubic feet space that makes it act as a great second tracking room, as well as a great mix room.

When you work with me at Snacky Time studios, you also get my expertise as a voice specialist and songwriter. As well as vocal production, you get the benefit of my long time experience in the music industry recording (engineer, produce, mix) a far reaching variety of projects, including singers of all styles, acoustic singer/songwriters, jazz ensembles, rock bands, film scoring, voice-overs, additional tracking for any existing music, programming and more.

I’m happy to mix for other artists, producers and bands. Yup, I’m often given the “problem children” projects; meaning those that are technically challenged and need a lot of special attention to make them sound “releasable.”

The mission of Snacky Time Studios is to make punchy, dynamic, organic sounding recordings. Quality DOES still matter, and recording in a silent, beautiful sounding room, with “tons of iron” (loads of high end vintage and boutique gear and incredible mic collection) will make a difference in the message you’re sending to the world through your music.

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