Song of the Week-Have a Nice Day

When you’ve been writing and recording as long as I have, you end up with over 100 songs in your online catalog!

If I share one song with you each week, it will take over 2 years to get through all of them.

Buckle up, and welcome to the crazy world of Breck Alan.

I’ll start ya off easy with this one, Have a Nice Day off of my album “This WIll Do”.

I thought we all could use some cheering up.

Bad Year for Humans

Who knew that my album title would pretty much sum up 2017?

Hope these songs bring you some relief from the insanity of the world. Leave a comment and tell me which song is your favorite.


Fastest Heartbreaker Video

My latest music video is here! It’s been a while since I’ve officially released any new music. This one has a bit of an “outlaw country” vibe to it, and I was very excited to make it vibey and low key.